richard payne portrait of bill jones

“Through careful observation from life, Payne approaches a portrait with a masterful eye, and allows the soul and energy of the sitter to emerge.”


Portraiture is intended to capture the character and likeness of the sitter, to immortalise them for special significance, or to celebrate them for loved ones. Commissioning a portrait is a significant decision.  

Payne works from life, to connect with both the character and the energy of the sitter to capture not only their likeness, but also their personality and characteristic attributes and attitudes. Payne executes portraits in oil, pastel or through his superbly sensitive economic line drawings.


    • The sitter has several sessions in Richard’s studio 

    • Initial sketches and studies are made on paper with pencil

    • Line drawings if requested  are refined
    • A colour study is done for skin tones and character
    • The final painting is begun with the sitter
    • Portrait is developed and finalised with the sitter
    • Client gets a timeless family heirloom

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