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“Initially we appreciate art perceptually, with a subjective response to its theme, emotional impact and energy vibration. With contemplation, some work may reveal an intellectual level and through its universal beauty and truths it adds to our lives, resonating positively with our soul… this is the art I strive to create.”

Richard Payne (1957-) was born in Melbourne Australia and is a fine artist with paintings, drawings, etchings and Augmented Reality works hanging in private collections in Europe, USA and Australia.

Working mainly in figurative, abstract and portraiture across a range of media including: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, oils, pastel, pen & ink, print making and sculpture, Payne’s philosophy is a synthesis of his classical training, modernist sympathies and quest for beauty.

This considered foundation guides him to create art that the viewer can become immersed in, leaving reality and contemplating higher thoughts. 

Often referencing ancient myths and wisdom from many cultures he explores important contemporary issues with a strong narrative, expressed through energy, movement and colour.


Early Years & The Florence Academy


Trained classically in design, composition and perspective by renowned architectural illustrator & educator, Robert W Gill, Payne went on to practice in architectural illustration and data graphical design whilst continuing to study and pursue fine art.   

Attended the Florence Academy of Art (Italy) in 2010, and then teaching master-classes in Italy, USA and Australia was a revelation compelling Payne to apply his knowledge as a dedicated Fine Artist.

 Study after Bargues'  Belvedere Torso , completed at the Florence Academy of Art, Florence.

Study after Bargues' Belvedere Torso, completed at the Florence Academy of Art, Florence.



richard payne art

Art is the highest expression of culture.

A work of art is a man-made object providing a perceptual means of communicating and contemplating abstractions.

Universal beauty, truth and the principles of aesthetic order are the language of art.


Arcadia Atelier

 Richard in the studio

Richard in the studio

Payne’s studio, Arcadia Atelier, is situated in Daylesford Australia, just 1.5 hours from Melbourne in the state of Victoria.

Payne takes on a limited number of students for private mentorship each year and also holds drawing and perspective classes at the Atelier. 




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