Payne drawing in Virtual Reality 2018

Payne drawing in Virtual Reality 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) art.

Real world prints, paintings & sculpture with integrated AR for private and public art.

Payne’s 2D paintings & drawings that are specifically identified as ‘AR enhanced’ are sold with integrated 3D AR attached.

This reveals a ‘hidden’ 3D narrative for the artwork that comes off the wall into the room.

‘Payne’s 4D AR-T’ App iOS or Android downloaded onto your smart device enables you to see the AR integrated with a specific artwork. This operates world-wide and remains active as long as you have the App on your device.

To preview AR attached to artwork on this website:

1: Download

‘Payne’s 4D AR-T’ iOS or Android

2: Go to a picture marked ‘AR enhanced’

3: Point your smart phone at the screen.

Though the alchemy of Payne and Taylors IT innovation we bring you a congruence of art, technology and social change creating a new medium…multi-dimensional 4D AR-T.

When you purchase ‘AR enhanced’ artwork, the 2D painting hangs on your wall and you use the App to see the integrated, hidden AR layer.

When you purchase an AR virtual sculpture it’s invisible until the App reveals it defying gravity, hanging above your floor, dinning table or reception area.

Viewers can even take photos of themselves inside the artwork for social media feeds.

Everyone has a smart phone… this will change the way you view art forever.

For private or corporate sales and commissions please contact