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Masterclass Perspective for the Academy Artist, Florence Academy METRO New York, USA

florence academy of art ny masterclass with richard payne


Florence Academy METRO New York, USA

16 -17 May 2015

Perspective is the guide and the gateway; and without this nothing can be done well in the matter of drawing. Leonardo da Vinci

This 2-Day Perspective Master-class Workshop is an introduction to the topic designed specifically for the Academy artist with a focus on teaching you what the Renaissance artists in Florence protected as ‘secret knowledge’. We demystify its complexity and link perspective to the Academic sight-size method of drawing.

Perspective impacts everything we see or draw both in the studio and ‘plein air’.

We aim to make perspective a practical tool helping you solve problems with the human figure, relating multiple figures and placing the figure in a realistic environment.

There is no maths or complicated geometric set-up as an Architect might utilize, this work shop is for artists. We logically develop; 1. What is perspective? 2. How does it impact every realist artwork? 3. How can you control/use it in your artwork?

The relaxed, interactive and casual sessions combine theory and practical drawing from a live model. We cover; the principles & laws of perspective, step-by-step procedures showing how to use 1-Point and 2-Point Perspective, the impact of 3-point perspective, the Station Point, Horizon Line, Centre Line of Vision, Cone of Vision, Picture Plane, etc.

This master-class will open the door to a new world for the classical realist artist.

Instructor: Richard Payne

Workshop times: 16th May & 17th May 2015, 9am – 4pm

Bookings: Jordan Sokol (FAA METRO New York USA)