Odysseus and the Sirens (AR ENHANCED)

Odysseus and the Sirens (AR ENHANCED)



DESCRIPTION:  Limited artists edition Giclée Fine Art archival print on acid free paper.  Signed, titled and numbered */25.

Includes: AR (Augmented Reality) viewed through ‘Payne 4D AR-T’ App available viaApp store. 

Download the 'Paynes 4D AR-T App' to your smart device to view the Augmented Reality (AR) inter-dimensional enhancements attached to this artists print. App available via iTunes apple App store or Google Play Store

Image size: 57 x 10.6cm.


AR size: AR virtually 'attached': Approx. 3.0 x 2.4 metres.  It is unhindered by physical objects.

NOTE: AR enhancement available for the life of the App on your smart device.

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